As a precious voice blew through our brains on a glorious rainy day for a reason that can only be explained by the third bite on the leg by a seventh dog, we have created a joyswimmingpool, a lake for the ones who have the magnetic desire to join us. Welcome.

Two years after the release of Flanders Fields, their first album for Milan-based label AltrOck Productions, Belgian outfit Humble Grumble have made their comeback in the spring of 2013 with Guzzle It Up!. The band also have quite a few festival appearances under their belt, and, around the time of the new album’s release, they performed at Gouveia Art Rock Festival in Portugal and AltrOck’s very own event in Milan, Italy, early 2014 they headlined the Mediawave Festival in Hungary and played a intimate home concert back in Ghent at “Bij De Vieze Gasten”, Belgium. That's where they performed “Sleepless Night” from the Flanders Fields album.

'The Overjoy Rehabilitation Center' is currently in rehabilitation!

It has been long since we updated this site and my beloved web designer asked me if I had anything to say. Well, Humble Grumble is on a bit of a break now. The only concert we'll do in 2015 is the Zaradi Tebe Festival in Gent on the 30th of August;

We have done a bunch of international shows in the past years, shared the stages with groups like Triggerfinger, Alice Cooper, Rick Wakemen (original YES composer), Jeff Beck and many more great artists. I must say that I'm very pleased with the outcome, grateful to the beautiful audiences who attended our shows.

I decided not to invest time into Humble Grumble this year and rest a bit, focus on my recording studio, teaching and other groups of mine like Follia! and Boma Family because these projects bring a little money in and are easier to tour with. The manager of Humble Grumble informed me in the beginning of this year that Belgian festival organizers are still not keen to book Humble Grumble, our latest CD was recorded too long ago and mainly I sense that they don't want to spend money on us. Yes, we are too “risky” to book. Really?

The musicians want to go on and record a new CD, which I am prepared to do and started composing the music for, but the most important thing in this process is the joy music gives the musician and I find this in reconnecting with my other bands at the moment, where I don't have to invest that much into booking the gigs and networking. Let's face it, I composed, recorded almost all Humble Grumble's music, booked and managed all the tours and of course performed all the shows! I can't do all this at the moment, I need to actually play the guitar and perform, but most Belgian venues do not intend to put Humble Grumble on. There are a few venues though where we're always welcome...

We depend on local venues, we need to get the chance to perform for local audiences but somehow the most important places only toy with us, some lie and some even laugh at us without having looked at or listened to what we actually do. After 19 years of Humble Grumble I do not believe it's going to change, so we can only focus on our little avant-prog community and keep releasing new CDs and tour the UK, Germany, Portugal, Italy and Hungary, places and festivals where we have already played and maybe we can play there again.

But until I'm ready to go on, please be patient. We might get forgotten, but I'm happy with what we have atchieved.

Love to you all,


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