With Guzzle it up Humble Grumble follows their path increasing the quality of the music in every aspects, skill, melodies, inspiration… A tangible sign of maturity and quality for one of the most original ensemble of the last years. Recorded and...

Humble Grumble proudly announces the release of their new CD. It's why you could be yelling 'hippopotamus' all the time... Eleven brand new tracks, taking the arrangements and vocal harmonies to a new level. The band has evolved into a smoothly running...

More than 30 years ago, in 1975, the greatest Hungarian folk group, Kolinda, began to rule the European music scene. Their enormous success is still wondering like a dream in the head of composer Péter Dabasi. I became a fan when Belgian musicians...

The surrealistic and eccentric nature of Humble Grumble allows the band to engage itself in a number of different artistic and sometimes rather experimental projects. During the past ten years, the projects of Humble Grumble have continued to grow...


Humble Grumble started off in 1996 with the folk and jazz musicians of Dearest Companion, a Belgian flip-folk group. The early music had more in common with folk-rock then jazz, but was always flavored with an eccentric touch of humor. The early work of Humble Grumble was mainly composed by Gabor Humble and Tom Theuns, who already played rather manic performances in the region of Ghent at the time. Years went by and the first line-up of Humble Grumble drifted off into different directions, leaving the band to explore new ways.

Recalling a golden era of European 70's prog with a touch of Primus, Ween and Eastern European folk, Humble Grumble is without question the most dynamic, musically diverse group to have sprung from Belgium in over a decade, putting on the shows of utmost versatility and unforced originality...

Humble Grumble transports you into a space where boredom would hold forth, instead leaving you with unforgettable memories of their performance. So, for those all in need of a good laugh or a blood-sparkling groove, and with improvised melodies to suit the event, Humble Grumble brings you a daring cocktail of musical styles sewn together within the unifying force of universal love.

Festival appearances in the past years; Gent Festival and Paulus Festival Oostende (Belgium), Grange Music Festival Sligo (Ireland), Cwmaman Music Festival (Wales), Azfeszt (Hungary), European Start Pecs (Hungary), Hanna Hanna Art Gathering and Festival (Slovakia), Festival de Queretaro (Mexico), Burg Herzberg Festival (Germany).

Recent releases; 30 Years Kolinda (PAN records), The Face of Humble Grumble (Cocktailsoul Productions), Flanders Fields (Altrock Productions), Guzzle it up! (Altrock Productions).

Humble Grumble are

Humble Gabor (guitar, vocals), Jouni Isoherranen (bass, vocals), Jonathan Callens (drums), Pedro Guridi (clarinet, whistle), Pol Mareen (alto saxophone), Joren Cauters (vibraphone), Megan Quill (vocals), Liesbeth Verlaet (vocals)


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